NameDr. Debi Prasad Bal
DesignationAssistant Professor
Academic QualificationPh.D. (IIT Hyderabad)
Areas of InterestPublic Finance, Monetary Economics and Applied Econometrics
Work Experience1 year
TeachingsEconomics (MS4003)
List of Publications1. Debi Prasad Bal and Badri Narayan Rath (2017), "Do Macroeconomics Channels Matter for Examining Relationship between Public Debt and Economic Growth", Journal of Quantitative Economics, Published by Springer.

2. Debi Prasad Bal and Badri Narayan Rath, (2016) "Is Public Debt Burden for India", Economic papers: a journal of applied economics and policy, Vol. 35 (2), pp. 184-201, Published by Wiley.

3. Devi Prasad Dash, Debi Prasad Bal and Manoranjan Sahoo, (2016) "The Nexus Between Defense Expenditure and Economic Growth in BRIC Economies", Accepted in Theoretical and Applied Economics, Published by ECTAP.

4. Debi Prasad Bal and Badri Narayan Rath, (2015), "Nonlinear Causality between Crude Oil Price and Exchange Rate: A Comparative Study of China and India", Energy Economics, Vol. 51, pp. 149-56, Published by Elsevier.

5. Debi Prasad Bal, (2014), "The Effects of Public Debt on Capital Formation in India: Evidence from Structural VAR Analysis", nternational Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, Vol.7 (1), pp. 66-80, Published by Inderscience.

6. Debi Prasad Bal and Badri Narayan Rath, (2014), "The Impact of Public Debt on Economic Growth in India: A Reassessment", Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol.44 (3), pp. 292-300, Published by Elsevier.

7. Badri Narayan Rath and Debi Prasad Bal, (2014), "Do FDI and Public Investment Crowd in or Crowd out Private Domestic Investment in India", Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 48 (3), pp. 269-284 Published by Project Muse.

8. Debi Prasad Bal and Seba Mohanty, (2014), "Determination of Willingness to Pay for Entrance fee to National Park: An Empirical Investigation, International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, Vol. 35 (4), pp. 65-73, Published by CESER Publications.

9. Debi Prasad Bal and Seba Mohanty, (2013), "Causal Link between FDI, Export and Economic Growth in India: A Comparison of TYDL and Granger Causality Test", Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics, Vol.13 (2), pp. 133-143, Published by Serial Publication.

10. Debi Prasad Bal, (2012) "Exchange Rate Volatility and Its Effect on Export of India: An Empirical Analysis", The Indian Journal of Economics, Vol. XIIC (367), Part IV, pp. 693-707.

11. Debi Prasad Bal, Devi Prasad Dash and Bibhudutta Subasis, (2016) "The Effects of Capital Formation for Economics Growth: Evidence from India", Accepted in Global Business Review, Sage Publication.
Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Awarded for Research Excellence in the year 2014 organized by Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, March 25, 2015.
  • Recognized as ranked 3 among top 5 as most downloaded paper in the journal of Economic Analysis and Policy published by Elsevier.
  • Office AddressFaculty Room
    Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
    NIT Sikkim
    97753 10102