NIT Sikkim

   Interdisciplinary in orientation, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers courses in Economics, English, and Management. Specific courses on Communicative skills, phonetics, Linguistics, and certificate course on some of the regional and European languages features in the long term agenda of the department. At present there are two faculty members in the department who hold Doctoral degree from India's most reputed institutes and are engaged in high-quality research and teaching. The Department offers undergraduate courses to engineering students. Moreover, the Department has also started its Ph. D. programme in 2014.

   The faculty members of the department believe in providing opportunities to its students for discussion, debate and brain-storming. The prime objective of the department is to make them responsible and innovative and to train them to meet the challenges of highly competitive and ever changing world. We believe in garnering the faculty of creativity and self confidence inour students and therefore we keep on pushing them towards innovative thinking.

   The department is thriving hard to promote its students towards the interdisciplinary studies for which we are collaborating with other sister departments in the country.

Dr. Dhananjay Tripathi
Head of Humanities and Social Science Department