English Language Laboratory for B. Tech students

To enhance the language learning capability of B. Tech students, an iTell-Orell Digital Language Laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities was established in December 2019. The laboratory is designed in cognitive science perspective and explores the relationship of human language with cognition and culture through studies of language processing in various domains. The arena of language studies coupled with human-computer interface opens up new vistas of understanding by helping students measure the depth of their language learning capabilities. In order to achieve these ends, a modern academic research laboratory has been set up to focus on the way a speech is produced, comprehended, processed and acquired.

In order to enhance the language learning capability of our B. Tech students, a language lab with state-of-the art facilities was created in December 2019. The lab is engaged in research in language from a cognitive science perspective. We explore the relationship of human language with cognition, with culture as a possible third angle through studies of language processing in various domains.

Research on language and speech is an exciting area for pursuing research in the fields of language technologies and human-computer interfaces in a way which can be employed to various ends ranging from language learning of intelligent systems to the learning capabilities of humans. To fulfil these ends this lab would like to start a modern academic research lab which is focused on the way speech is produced and comprehended. The lab will be involved with experimental investigations of speech processes and their acquisition.

The specifications and features of the Orell Language Lab are given below:

iTell – Orell Digital Language Lab:

Premium P3 Version (Offline): 1 – Teacher console; 40 – Student consoles.

ELT Studio (Online/Tabs/Androids): 1000 Users

Up to 1000 Students Pack

8 Levels – CEFR Standards:



Pre intermediate


Upper Intermediate



eShelf English digital Library Platform:

Course contents - English and Exercise Module:

5000 + Hours - Materials and Exercises – 35 Modules

Foreign Languages:

English, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic

The Languge Lab has the following salient features:

1) The main interface of the teacher with password protected login should have different options to help the tutor to teach effectively in a lively manner.

2) Managemnet with password protected login should have the option to monitor the activities of both teachers and students.

3) The teacher can create and assign lessons/ tasks to selected students, agroup or the whole class.

4) Teacher is able to control the student’s computer, from their own desk, and shut down, reboot, log off, lock screen, disable/ enable input (key board, mouse).

5) The installed software has lifetime perpetual license, integrated with extensive study material of multimedia files of text, audio, video resources for the learners.

6) The software has the facility to automatically generate graphical representation on the recorded audio of the learner as against the originals for self-assessment andevaluation.

7) The software enables audio-visual interaction between the teacher/ instructor and students

through headsets with webcam and built-in micophones.

8) The software supports Linux/ Cloud server/ Thin client user/ Tablets and also supports Android/ iOS.

9) Parents with password protected login have the provion to view their ward’s academic activities, performance and score/ grades in the examination.

10) With this software, the teacher is able to conduct live language classes and the system has the provision to record the feedback of all the learners simultaneously.

11) The teacher is able to view the assignments submitted by the students, can evaluate and provide feeback to the students.

12) The students will get a high quality audio, video and text resources and learning materials from their teacher/ instructor, to augment their education.

13) The teacher shares the contents from Teacher Workstation, to any intended Student Console (particular student/ group of students/ to the entire class).

14) Exercises with instant scoring.

15) Resource materials for IELTS, TOEFL and GRE exam preparation.

16) This language lab provides Multi-lingual interface and ILT, CBT based course content.